Clandestina: 99% Diseño Cubano

Clandestina, La Habana

Monday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Old Havana hides thousands of surprises. We can walk through any of the streets hoping to find a Museum, and of course that many of these appears, but also arise unexpected wonders. Few of those who roam around Villegas Street imagine they will find a small and cozy design store.

Almost all walkers hope to see some doorway with black woman smoking tobacco souvenirs; however, many will thank Clandestina for his novel proposal: quality products that revolve around concepts like "bring your shirt and we redesigned it; use a traditional Cuban hat with swing, or, in general, what we do in Cuba is “escapao” as for example toys from recycled plastic or all the revolutionary graphics".

This is the ideal store to carry something that reminds you of Cuba and original and high quality at the same time: a pullover with some original poster, a print, or the very experience of being at Clandestina and feel yourself part of this 99% Cuban design project.

Adriana Marcelo

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