Hand-crafted Jewellery Sale Hand-crafted Jewellery Sale

Hand-crafted Jewellery Sale

Mayelín Guevara's Workshop, La Habana

Monday-Saturday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Mayelín Guevara achieves what few people can: to take a piece of metal and make a piece of art out of it, like jewels, precious not only for the material but also for the design: original, brave, courageous, like Mayelín herself. In her workshop, in Playa (29 street, #5020, between 50 and 52), is possible to see her working, creating her pieces. Pieces that grew from a very basic and simple geometry, in which circles become a sort of leit motiv, repeating and reinventing itself over and over again, searching and offering the infinite, an eternal dynamism. Mayelín Guvera takes refuge under the silver, and lets her “weird” imagination to take control and then pieces of inestimable value get born, exquisite and refined, no missing details, everything’s well thought. These are probably the reasons of her various awards and collaborations with prominent fashion designers. Conga is one the stores that sales her pieces, and also her own workshop.
Mayelín Guvera’s workshop is a magical place full of jewels and all kind of beauties; the place is full of her. Going to Mayelín’s studio is a possibility for witnessing the purest and simplest beauty; that’s probably the most effective way to describe Mayelín Guevara’s work. Adriana Marcelo

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