Nube Roja: FunkySongo to Dance

Bar Fusión Habana, La Habana

Sundays 10:00 PM - 03:00 AM

Imaginative, original and modernly Cuban, Nube Roja are a celebration themselves. Only a few bands have managed to build a so chic, international sound around them, without undervalue the vast, rich musical identity of Cuba. Well… Nube Roja achieved so, and they certainly got A+.

Headed by Anthuan Perugorría and Lázaro Peña Rodríguez, it is highly significant the cosmopolitan style and rhythm of the band, which they decided to name funkysongo, an interesting and confusing mix up of classic pop, rock, jazz and funky, never turning their backs on the Cuban spirit, of course. Nube Roja’s musical ID, so retro and fresh at once, is born from that subtle, careful blend.

Everything started with “Dibujemos el camino”, the first big hit of the band. Then came “Ahora sé”, “Sin control” and “Un sitio para ti”, and also “Quiero conocerte”, featuring the peculiar Cucú Diamante.

The band’s good results until now come, in part, from the experience of some of its members as companions of brilliant musicians like X Alfonso, Kelvis Ochoa, David Torrens and Descemer Bueno. The rest is completely on their curiosity and talent.

Joyful, attractive music for a lovely dance night. The hosts for the evening: Nube Roja.

© Javier Roque Martínez

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