Elaín Morales

Centro Cultural Bertolt Brecht, La Habana

Wednesdays 11:00 PM - 02:00 AM

Elaín Morales is a musician and Cuban singer-song writer that despite his youth has a strong artistic career. He was member of great danceable music bands until he finally decided to start an interesting work as soloist. You might enjoy this new musical side in his regular show at Café Cantante.

The young and mature Elaín that always carries a guitar over the shoulder and wears dark glasses has already recorded 4 albums with singles written by him. He also has been nominated to Latin Grammy Awards in 2 categories, “Best Tropical Album” and “Best New Artist”. Elaín is both a creative composer and a great singer. His vocal range covers easily high and deep notes; and the nasal modulations, which are his hallmark, are quite impressive. Jazz, flamenco, bossanova and son montuno influences are the starting point of his musical creation. Originality and versatility of his style come from these genders combination.

According to music critics, Elaín is not only known in the Latin musical market, but also he’s one of the foremost and innovative singer-song writers of his time.

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