Flechas del Ángel del Olvido

Bertolt Brecht, La Habana

May 19-21; 26-28 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM

For three weeks, starting on May 19th and until June 4th, Gaia Teatro de La Habana will stage, at Bertolt Brecht Theater, the piece Flechas del Angel del Olvido (The Oblivion Angel’s Arrows) by Sanchis Sinisterra and adapted by Esther Cardoso, so the action takes place in Havana in 2058.

Flechas del Angel del Olvido is a story that covers the issues of identity, memory and the ability to reinvent oneself. It all revolves around a girl that was raped and turns up in shock at the door of a welfare center. Among the actors there are Mirena Turiño and Johans López.

The play is a call to nonviolence. Esther Cardoso is its artistic and general director; she is also an actress and director of Gaia Teatro de La Habana, a theater project that has its venue at a colonial house in Old Havana.

The performances will be on Friday 19th and 26th and Saturdays 20th and 27th, both days at 8:30 pm; as well as on Sundays 21st and 28th at 5:00 pm at Tito Junco’s Hall.

Theather Company's Venue: Casa Gaia Address: Teniente Rey No 157 e/ Aguiar y Cuba. Old Havana. Cuba.

Telephone number: 78612429. Email: esther2551@cubarte.cult.cu

Bertolt Brecht Theater. Address: Calle 13 e/ I. Vedado. Plaza de La Revolución.

Telephone number: 7832 9359

© Aracelys Bedevia

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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