Marc Anthony Live!

Tribuna Antimperialista , La Habana

Yet to confirm 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

The top selling Salsa singer of all time, Marc Anthony, is coming to Cuba. His most famous hits, 'I need to know', 'You Sang to me', and 'Vivir Mi Vida' will at last be heard in a live concert in Havana, according to sources, in the middle of August.

The word on the street is that Marc Anthony will play at the Tribuna Imperialista next the U.S. Embassy on Havana's malecón and draw upwards of a million fans or more as fans pour in from outside Cuba as they did when the Rollings Stones made their entrance this March.

Marc Anthony made 'La Gozadera' (The Party) and 'Traidora' with Cuba's Gente de Zona showing 322,000,000 YouTube views and counting and nominated for Videoclip awards in 2016. The close relationship between Marc Anthony and Cubans and other Latin American artists has built a following into the multi-millions of fans in Latin American and worldwide.

In the 1990's Anthony burst onto the Salsa scene with three consecutive hit albums, Otra Nota, Todo a su Tiempo and Contra la corriente.

The history of Salsa is closely related to Cuban innovator Arsenio Rodriguez who changed and developed the ‘conjunto’ into the basic template of Salsa, Son montuno, adding trumpets and piano to the still popular Cuban music known as Son. The music style migrated to Puerto Rico where the rhythmic music was changed with a faster, more dynamic timing, creating Salsa.

'La Gozadera' is a fusion of Salsa with Reggaeton, a popular Latin American song form much developed in Cuban as Latin music continues to include popular influences.

The famous Boricua (Puerto Rican) singer, Marc Anthony, offers the world's most popular Salsa act and is one of Cuba's most beloved music idols.

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