Cuba Puts on Country Wide Party for Fidel

Every Havana's Muicipalities, La Habana

2016, Aug 13 09:00 PM - 15 02:00 AM

If you are in Cuba on August 13 it will be impossible for you to miss the celebrations.

As night falls and the nine o'clock gun fires it's echoing burst towards Havana, Cubans will begin to party in over 100 plazas and municipal parks featuring all manner of song and dance honor of the famous Cuban author and statesman.

In all parts of Cuba, city and country, the citizenry will celebrate nine decades for the beloved ex-president who attended university in Havana as a young man.

Children's dance contests will start things off in central locations throughout the country. Improvised musical poetry called 'Repentismo' will also be featured in some locations while others will have street parades and still others will celebrate carnival style. In Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus poetry and children's repentismo will entertain along with national repentistas, writers and poets.

Fidel became the main leader of Cuba after the revolution and over the next fifty years proved himself an exceptional politician. During the battles against Batista forces Fidel emerged undefeated and unhurt after many battles. Hundreds of murder attempts were also unsuccessful as the beloved leader was protected by the Cuban people.

The best of Cuban musicians including Laritza Bacallao, Waldo Mendoza and Mayito Rivera, former Van Van, will play in many venues in Havana where low cost food and drink will be offered as well.

Dayneris Brito

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