El Noro y Primera Clase

Café Cantante Mi Habana, La Habana

Tuesdays 09:00 PM - 02:00 AM

After 10 years working as singer songwriter in different danceable music bands, el Noro determined to start a soloist career founding his own band Primera Clase. Hence, it emerges his first album, Sin escala –sponsored by Abdala Records–, which is a tribute for salsa, timba, son, bachata, bolero, good music in general.

The album has a very Latin color and includes on twelve good tracks, starting with the catchy one Voy a portarme mal. El Noro himself, who, besides being young, has lots of charisma to give, composed all the songs. You’ll see him on the stage, contagious, always happy. He’s a classic heartbreaker stealing all over applauses, glances and smiles.

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