Havana Nights

Bar Las Cañitas, La Habana

Mon, Wed & Fri 09:30 PM - 11:00 PM

This outlaw association is the most authentic expression of Cuban dance culture. Rumba, Conga and outlandish Cuban Soft Shoe from the era of Compay Segundo are some of the surprises in store for you at the famous Havana Libre Night Club.

Bridging the styles of traditional dance with postmodern, Havana Nights has won best of show in Germany, Sweden and Estonia.

Director Rosario García has reached spectacular success with this group in only four years, exploding in Cuba and abroad with firey artistic choreography.

Winners of Pop House Electronic visual awards, this group has performed with Buena Fe and Ian Padron with hits like "La Culpa" (The Blame), and "Se Bota a Matar" (Drop and Kill). The tremendous visual effects of this brilliant direct have been lauded with awards for work with Joseph Ross and Sexto Sentido (Sixth Sense).

Don't miss this impressive spectacle, combining the glamour of the Tropicana Night Club with the spontaneity in the environment of Bar Las Cañitas (Bar of Canes), known in another era as one of Havana's most popular casinos.

Amazing price at only 5 cuc.

Dayneris Brito

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