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Frank Delgado is one of major singer songwriters of Novísima Trova movement that emerged back in the 70’s. Although this musical generation followed Nueva Trova through its founders lead Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés, they introduced a more critical approach to Cuban reality by using irony, sarcasm and humour on their singing.

Frank Delgado´s work is the perfect combination of these elements, each lyrics of his turns into a vivid chronic of Cuban society during 80’s and 90’s. Public get fascinated with the way he is on the stage, because Frank is a hilarious storyteller. After playing a while, he always makes a pause to share an experience, let followers know what´s the story behind that song.

Very recommendable hits are ‘Carta a Santa Claus’ (Letter to Santa Claus), ‘Cubañolito’ (Cubanish –a neologism made up by Frank Delgado to refer Cuban & Spanish blend) and ‘Carta de un niño cubano a Harry Potter’ (Letter from a Cuban boy to Harry Potter).

So far, he has seven albums and more than 100 live performances both Cuba and abroad, many of them alongside great musicians as Santiago Feliú, Silvio Rodríguez, Daniel Viglietti and Ismael Serrano. Moreover, Frank has recorded soundtracks for Radio, Cinema and TV.

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