Los Conspiradores: The Coffeemakers House

Los Conspiradores, Sancti Spíritus

Daily 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Surrounded by colorful coffeemakers, a classic Cuban coffee and a sunset in the antique city of Trinidad, the restaurant Los Conspiradores invites us to share a peace that is hardly reached by any other place in the world. Never minding, the artistic decorations and loveable pieces of art, the Cuban and international food’s enjoyable taste, will leave more than a costumer with the desire of coming back in another opportunity.

The Coffeemaker’s house, as it’s also known, becomes a lively place at night with the popular Cuban music that comes from the “Casa de La Música” next door. And for those clients who seek a quieter room, they can find it inside of the art gallery where Yami Martinez, famous Cuban artist, invites to adventure into the tiny big world of the coffeemakers, possessing a unique collection with all kinds of types, colors and sizes.

The cooks are well-known for their specialization in Italian pastas, perfectly mixing them with the native seafood of the Cuban coasts. Also are highly claimed the cold bar cocktails, were we can find Daiquiris and Piñas Coladas, for those who just want to get away of the sun and cool for a while.

An unforgettable restaurant, that's worth coming inside.


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