2007: Where Eating Becomes a Pleasure

2007 Restaurant , Las Tunas

Daily 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Las Tunas is a small but picturesque town. Kind and hospitable people, lots of sun, and good sights are just some of the characteristics of this province. 2007 is one of the most visited restaurants and one which proposes the best service and offers.

Specializing in Cuban and international cuisines, it opens its doors from noon to midnight. To be a pleasant and air-conditioned place (which is always a blessing in Las Tunas) is one of its charms, although the best of them is the quality of the food, with choices that include several kinds of meat, very Cuban recipes based mainly on pork, dishes consisting of fish and seafood, all accompanied with portions of rice and varied vegetables. The famous caldosas (broths) and also the typical Cuban desserts also stand out. Cocktails sum up the best and most traditional of the typical Cuban drinks but also those of the world.

Another reason that makes this place worth visiting, not once but several times, is how inexpensive it is, with good prices and moreover, in Cuban pesos.

Adriana Marcelo

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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