Bayamo: Art and Cuban Essence

Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales, Bayamo, Granma

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (FCBC: Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods) has as its main purpose to spread and commercialize the work of Cuban artisans and artists, to propose a range of varied offers that allow the client to understand and grasp the heterogeneity of the artistic production in Cuba.

Many are the ways in which art can be appreciated at the shops of the FCBC, especially the one located in Bayamo: textiles, small souvenirs, jewelry and costume jewelry, footwear… The most traditional Cuban craftwork can be found at this shop: handmade clothing that challenges large mass production, annihilator of the unique character of what is crafted, as one example.

Several themes are recurrent and have to do with Cubans’ own essence and nature; yet, it is the cigar the absolute main feature, since many of the artists go back to it time and again as inspiration for their creations.

Adriana Marcelo

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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