Bayamo's Nights

Paseo General Calixto García, Granma

Saturdays 09:00 PM - 01:00 AM

Although a day off for most people, Saturdays are always somehow different for everyone, and if you happen to be on vacation, what could be better than a weekend to go out and get to know, explore a city? But in Cuba, Saturdays are not the same in every city. In the case of Bayamo, for instance, they are very singular.

Bayamo’s attractions do not need much introduction since their history precedes them. This city, the capital of Granma province, was the second of the villages founded in Cuba on the arrival of the Spanish colonizers, under the name of San Salvador of Bayamo, no less than in 1513. But in addition to those 500 years of architecture and traditions, there is the Saturday magic of Bayamo’s Nights.

Bayamo’s Nights is the name of a cultural program that takes place every Saturday along General Calixto García Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the city. Performances, music and dance shows, art exhibitions… are just some of the many proposals the project offers. Besides, there is an album café where you can have the chance to appreciate Cuban music records -and even buy some if you wish so-, along with a good Cuba libre or any other drink of your choice from the national cocktails which are also available at this café.

Saturday + 20:00 is a magic formula in Bayamo. If you are over there, take a chance.

Claudia Edith García

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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