Pinos Nuevos Theatre Group Performance

Taller de Grabado El Pionero, Isla de la Juventud

Fridays and Saturdays 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM

As an alternative to bring art to everybody and make contact between theatre and youth, comes Pinos Nuevos theatre group, in Isla de la Juventud. They’ve been created under the premise of inciting the interest of the students on the dramatic art.

The instantly of the performances is one of the strongest points of their representations, the direct contact with the public and the ability of influencing on the spectators, creating the ideal atmosphere to put on stage the troubles and worries of a generation, and make them think about themselves. This way, they create a space for debate, as Israel Llevat Pantoja, creator and director of the group, wanted.

Among the hits of Pinos Nuevos we have to mention Cada cosa en su lugar, played in 1980; El compás de Madera, in 1981; and Primera y pa’lante.

Pinos Nuevos knows no limits and incites creativity and effort. They are more than just a theatre group; they are a school, a formation centre that has proven how diverse theater can be, and how it can also be accessible to all of us.

Amanda Cicard

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