Palacio de Valle: Cuban and International Cuisine

Palacio de Valle, Cienfuegos

Daily 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Just at the end of Punta Gorda, where Cienfuegos City seems to end, the 35 St. surprises us with a gorgeous mansion. Next to Hotel Jagua stands the Palacio de Valle, a building symbol of the city which, besides its architectonic attractiveness, offers a wide gastronomic variety.

In its first floor you can find an international-cuisine restaurant, having this way the chance of tasting exquisite dishes while admiring the primitive-gothic-look-like lobby, the Muslim dining room, its Louis-XVI-game-&-music saloon and another one for visits, Empire style with golden coffered.

Upstairs, in the terrace, you can ask for a delicious and strong coffee, or maybe a nice cocktail. There, you will be shocked by the beauty of the landscape, especially the splendid views from the harbour, with its gentle breezes softly caressing your face.

On one of the palace’s flanks, surrounded by foliate trees, stands Los Laurales, a Cuban-cuisine grill restaurant, where delicious and succulent dishes based on roasted pork and other delicacies, tasty all of them, await for you. Also, the restaurant has a cellar where nice liquors and wines can be found.

Yariel Valdés González

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