Conga: A Heaven for Young Cuban Design

Tienda Conga, La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Conga is the name of a design store that has decided to bet on excellence and good taste; a store that has decided to nurture young Cuban designers.

This place, small but well thought out, opens its doors from 10 am, between the noise of the “almendrones” traveling along 3ra street and the sometimes crushing silence of Miramar neighbourhood. Conga joins the list of elite design stores, although more than a store, it seems like a gallery, where the location or space doesn’t play a central role as much as the artists and designers who sell there.

The catalogue includes the young and talented jeweller and silversmith Mayelín Guevera, the young designer Mónica, with her spectaculars bags, as well as Lourdes León, the Manufactura Project and even pieces made by the famous Cuban artist Leskay.

With a sweet and attentive environment, the store specialists will happily attend to you and explain the work of any artist whose work you are interested in. In this store you can find jewellery of different types: silver, with gemstones, made with recycled materials, with cloth or even wood; but you can also find a Zargadelos’ porcelain vessel, lamps, posters by Cuban designers and all kind of interesting design works.

If you want to buy individual masterpieces and to know where the axis of young Cuban design is, visit Conga.

By Adriana Marcelo Costa

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