El Palatino

El Palatino, Cienfuegos

Daily 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

In the neighborhood of the Cienfuegos’ Parque Martí, don Domingo Crescencio Sarría Valdespino built, in 1848, a splendid house according to the Trinidad architectural canon, whose big arcades and solid columns make it a kind of odd building there. At the time of its construction, there was only one house.

When don Domingo died, José López purchased it, gave the ochre color to its walls and the light blue to the timberwork the house still shows, and converted it in a tavern which was named, a bit ostentatiously, “El Palatino”.

Nowadays El Palatino (phone: +53 43 551244), under the regency of the Cubanacán Touristic Agency, is a Bar-Cafeteria where, from 09:00am to 10:00pm, visitors find several types of meat, ham, cheese and tuna sandwiches, and hamburgers for 2 – 3 cuc. There are also juices, refreshments, and Cuban cocktails as daiquiri, mojito and cubalibre.

El Palatino is an attractive and clean site, with a friendly service.

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