Art According Lolo

Galería Lolo, Matanzas

Monday - Saturday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Almost always, when we attend an art gallery, if we are careful and pay the necessary level of attention, we can get to talk to the author. We can get to dialogue with the artist through his work. If we put all our senses on it, we will set a conversation with those who feed with their works the soul of these places.

The spontaneous conjunction between imagination and talent makes the gallery and workshop owned by the plastic artist, Osmany Betancourt, popularly known as Lolo, from Matanzas, a perfect place for setting a dialogue between different artistic proposals.

Osmany plays with his hands what imagination draws on his mind. Human heads, vases and more dissimilar shapes and forms of the Cuban idiosincrasy are exposed in this gallery space, giving visitors the opportunity to dive into the inner world of Lolo.

If you like contemporary art, Lolo's Workshop and gallery is a very good option. Stop and stare closely at each work. And enjoy.

©Luis Autié Cantón

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