Maracuba: Cuba's Biggest Marathon

Every Havana's Muicipalities, La Habana

Nov's 3rd Sat. 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Under the shadows of Marabana, its prestigious international marathon «kin», Maracuba is a 3000m - 4000m race, which is held yearly all Cuba’s municipalities every third November’s Sunday, which serves, this way and at once, as a prelude and warming-up for Marabana.

But Maracuba is neither the simple ad of a major event, nor a consolation to the Cuban people who live far from the capital city. As a matter of fact, Maracuba is, in first place, a sports’ fest, a modest chant to the life of humble ordinary women and men, of a very wide age and physical condition range, because Maracuba involves children and adults, healthy and handicapped people alike, helping them to socialize through sports and making them aware of physical-training benefits in a very practical way.

By Adrián Valdés.

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