Casa de la Trova El Guayabero

Casa de la Trova El Guayabero, Holguín

Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM

For more than 20 years, in downtown Holguin province, it is pay deserved tribute to one of the best Cuban trovadores, called affectionately among people “El Guayabero”. A big house of eclectic style bears his name; in there old and new trova songs are listened daily. It has become a custom visit this place so that remember traditional tunes such as Longina, Lágrimas negras, or merely to discover the youngest trova successors.

Barbarito Diez, Blanquita Becerra, the feeling legend Elena Burque and many others used to sing right here. One, two, three musicians and singers gathered at the stage, still placed in the courtyard. Spontaneity, typical Cuban mood and rhythm didn´t miss. The best musical shows came up from this casual and friendly atmosphere, that later was bringing in many followers. A few steps from the entrance, at visitor´s sight, still endure some of these great memories captured in photos.You can stop by and see it by yourself.

The house “El Guayabero” offers weekly bands and soloist’s performances, mostly in the evenings. If you feel like dancing, this is the perfect place to try some moves. Anybody who is determined to enjoy Cuba at the maximum, should know is forbidden skip music, especially trova.

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