Cuba's History and Culture in Wax

Museo de Cera, Granma

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Bayamo’s Wax Museum is the only of its kind in the whole country. With more than 70 sculptures, it proposes a tour on Cuba’s history, culture and nature. One curiosity is that all the pieces have been made by the Barrios family (father and sons), a family from the Guisa district with a big passion for this type of art, using a technique named polychrome wax modeling. All pieces are life-size and 100% wax, even the teeth, the fingernails and the eyes, which are normally prosthesis.

Among the important personalities who have been immortalized in the museum, you may find José Martí, Cuba’s National Hero, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the Father of the Nation, and Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize winer and also author of some Latin-American literature master pieces as Hundred Years of Solitude. Sculptures of famous Cuban musicians and singers like César Portillo de la Luz, Sindo Garay and Polo Montañez, among others, may also be visited at the gallery.

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