19th Century Alchemy

Museo Farmacéutico, Matanzas

Daily 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Dating from 1882, the Pharmacy Museum is the only French drugstore from the XIX century remaining in the world. It worked as a pharmacy until 1964, when it was nationalized and turned into the first pharmacy museum in Latin America. It was declared as National Monument in 2007.

Conceived with an eclectic architecture, the museum preserves its original shelves, handmade bottles, utensils, books with hundred of formulas, prescription records and other instruments, as well as the ancient lab, with alembics, percolators and all sort of pharmacy equipment included, in which its first owner, Dr. Triolet, used to prepare the medicines.

The dispensary table, designed by Triolet, and the Guard Lamp, are also some of this venue’s attractions. The second floor of the building is occupied by the Triolet family’s house, which it’s also part of the museum. Besides the guided tours, the museum provides advice to students and doctors by using its enormous archives, which, even when old, still have much to teach.

In sum, if you want to see how an ancient pharmacy was and used to work, this is the indicated place to visit. Who knows? Maybe you are looking for a certain prescription and find it by accident in one of its books.

Sundays just until midday.

© Javier Roque Martínez

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