Jalisco Park: A Park of a Lifetime

Jalisco Park, La Habana

Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

For the people who were born or raised in Havana city, the corner of 18 Street and 23rd Avenue keeps valuable childhood memories. Who didn't enjoy the clown shows or ride the roller-coaster between joy and fear? Who didn’t keep the memories of the view of Nuevo Vedado that you can only see from the top of the ferris wheel?

Just by crossing the doors of Jalisco Park we can find the typical ambiance of a fair-park: classical ride attractions as little boats, the carousel, and the roller coaster, among other attractions, plus a playground with swings.

The music, the live shows of clowns, magicians and mimes and the ambulant popcorns, sugar cotton and soft drinks' sellers, create an atmosphere that will make us travel in time and transport us to the scene of a Hollywood movie, back to the fifties, filmed in a park of a small town. This is because that is exactly the essence of Jalisco Park: a modest local park, characterized by the simplicity and the vintage aesthetic. A safe space for children, which will guarantee you funny family days and where you will live experiences that you are going to keep forever in your memories.

Amanda Cicard

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