Habana Retro Café: A Wink to Italian Cuisine

Habana Retro Café, La Habana

Daily 08:00 PM - 02:00 AM

The most fascinating, attractive thing about Habana Retro Café, located at a quiet Vedado neighborhood, is its magnificent, elegant décor, sort of wink to past times and stars.

Posters and images of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Hollywood and Ron Bacardí are all over the place, on the walls, as part of the furniture… with their melancholic, aged-glory fashion.

Regarding recipes and tastes, Habana Retro Café offers International cuisine dishes, though its real specialty is Italian.

As starters, you’ll find brochettes, octopus/beef carpaccio and the Pizelle Retro, with pepper, eggplant, cheese and tomato; among others.

First courses include pizzas, lasagna, focaccia, fettuccine, spaghettis and raviolis, while the main-course list includes fish filet, shrimps, Holland lobster, sea food mix grill, chicken, filet mignon, shredded meat and mix skewers/grills.

To end, ask for some delicious dessert or drink, which are also superb. The staff is quite attentive.

Regular price: 15.00 CUC.

© Javier Roque Martínez

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Habana Retro Café

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