Bar Sábalo: Nights with Friends, Music and Cuban Rum

Bar Sábalo, Isla de la Juventud

Daily 08:00 PM - 02:00 AM

Hotel El Colony, located in the Siguanea Bay just 46 km (29 mi) outside Nueva Gerona, is known for being one of the best tourist and recreational facilities on Cuba’s Isla de la Juventud.

The Sábalo Bar is located inside the hotel. Its specialty is the Cuban mojito although it doesn’t lack other drinks whose preparation includes the incomparable Cuban rum. Its guests rate it as excellent for the service and offers that are provided.

It is the perfect setting to go with friends and have a nice time. Characterized by its spaciousness, this bar becomes an ideal place for celebrating all kinds of events. On Saturdays it becomes a discotheque and on occasions theme parties are held. And whether partying or simply seeking water activities, one can enjoy the transparent and blue waters – characteristic of this rich insular platform – that front the facility.

Beatriz Ortega Chirino

Address: Siguanea Highway Km 42 (south-west of Nueva Gerona)

Price range: CUC 2-6

Booking Info:
Bar Sábalo
(046) 39 81 81

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