Barbe Parque: The Most Entertaining Hair Cuts

Barbe Parque, La Habana

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

This unusual recreational spot, located downtown Old Havana shows how entertaining may be have a hair cut. Barbe Parque is not only full of children having fun but also full of creativity. By looking closely the amusement park, it is noticeable that the decoration has been set for familiarizing the small ones with everything is found inside a hairdressing saloon. The see-saw looks like scissors; the slide, razors; the trash can, hair rollers and the benches, combs.

As Barbe Parque is a small local amusement park built up with the help of a community project, do not expect to find the worldwide attractions that entertain children and adults as roller coasters, tea cups, carousels or bumper cars. This themed park is a simple venue which includes furthermore a hairdressing saloon available both for children and their parents.

Barbe Parque is a dream come true by the notorious Cuban self-employer and hair stylist Papito, through his project Arte y Corte.

The park is surrounded by cultural, recreational and touristic places, not to mention the multiple spots for having food and drink. By visiting Barbe Parque, you will be providing your children also a route including a pleasant walk to the heart of Havana.

Text: Beatriz Ortega

Translation: Ibis Sierra Audivert

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