ACAA's Fair

Sede de la ACAA, Granma

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Local craftwork that defies the concepts of globalization and mass production. Handmade goods, beautiful souvenirs and gifts. This fair promotes and champions its own art.

Plaza del Himno (Anthem Square) and Plaza de la Revolución (Revolution Square) in Bayamo, are immersed in the Craft Fair organized by the ACAA (Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists) from this city. Every day, the visitor has the option of seeing and acquiring the best of the craftsmanship made by local artists: ceramics, wooden pieces, dressmaking, leather goods and works with precious metals are just some of the options the public has. Color and quality are two characteristics that define the pieces sold, filled with paintings, statuettes, necklaces, tropical dresses and all kinds of ornaments.

Adriana Marcelo

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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