Mayelín Guevara's Jewels: Beauty, Silver, Passion

Mayelín Guevara's Workshop, La Habana

Monday-Saturday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Mayelín Guevara achieves what few: becoming a piece of metal into true art. Her jewels are precious not for the material they are made of, but because the design: innovative and bold like the creator herself.

It is possible to see her working and creating at her workshop on 19th and 58. Her pieces start from a basic and simple geometry, in which the circle is repeated and reinvented again and again. Mayelín takes refuge in the silver to unleash her "rare" imagination and then pieces of extraordinary value are born. The exquisite and refined design denotes the skill of the creator and the taste for perfection. These should be the reasons for their various awards and collaborations with leading fashion Cuban designers. One of the main stores that sells her pieces is Conga.

In her workshop you will discover countless designs, half-finished pieces, jewels ready to be exhibited, the instruments with which she gives life and embellishes her creation. Rings, necklaces, bracelets that resemble nuts and bolts. Going to Mayelín's studio-workshop is to witness a passionate and meticulous work, carried with the greatest devotion. Perhaps the best way to describe the work of this young goldsmith.

Adriana Marcelo

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