Restaurante 1800: To Have Dinner in Another Century

Restaurante 1800, Camagüey

2017, Jun 06 10:00 AM - 07 01:00 AM

The restaurant “1800”, located on San Juan de Dios Square in the province of Camagüey, is one of those places in which past and present seem to converge. Surrounded by spectacular colonial architecture, this place proposes a culinary trip along the most traditional menus of Cuban gastronomy.

With just one look inside, we notice the atmosphere is charged with history. The old wooden bar shocks us because of its curious details and invites us to take refuge on it with some refreshing drink.

Recommended: piña colada and sangria (a type of red wine punch), the latter prepared with delicate wine from the cellar.

The menu, prepared by Chef Miguel Ricardo, includes dishes of all kinds of Latin food. With fresh and delicious ingredients such as fish, seafood, beef or pork and chicken, it also provides a vegetarian menu for those who prefer a light snack. Prices vary between 10.00 CUC and 15.00 CUC.

To get away from our time and travel to another century in order to experience the flavor of tradition in every bite, there are few places better than “1800”.

Address: Plaza San Juan de Dios # 113, Camagüey, Cuba


Text by: Fabio Henriquez

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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Restaurante 1800

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