Restaurant D'Emy: The New Flavour of Lamb

Restaurant D'Emy, Camagüey

Daily 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Each province in Cuba has something special and different to offer, and as for cooking, each region adds nuances to traditional dishes and transforms them into theirs. Restaurant D’Emy in Camagüey is one of those places that give a new meaning to flavours and turns them into new and refreshing ones.

This is also one of those places where you get to with a referent, to ask for “Cordero a la Emy” (Lamb à la Emy), a dish that has become the specialty of the house. Chef Gabriel Corona Márquez is the hand that has created this delight, already typical in the area.

The secret behind the most popular dish on the menu hides in the ingredients that accompany the lamb slices, flavored with pineapple and bacon, giving them a bittersweet and juicy taste.

Over and above the lamb, D’Emy has a long list of cocktails to offer and a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. It has air conditioning and in many occasions to rest from the overwhelming heat of the streets accompanied by a Piña Colada or Cuba Libre is all you need to go on discovering what the province of Camagüey has to offer.

Address: San Clemente y Cisneros, Camagüey.

Text by: Fabio Henriquez

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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