El Muelle Real

Muelle Real, Cienfuegos

Daily 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Some people assure that there is not more pleasant music that the sound of the waves. In the pristine coast line of Cienfuegos city, there is the Bar-Grill Muelle Real, a place where you and your family will be able to taste an excellent food offer, while the sea surrounds you with its charm.

The restaurant proposes a variety of dishes that include from sea food to the most classic Cuban cuisine. Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best Piña Colada in the city.

This place was conceived between 1851 and 1856. Originally, it had a circular structure, being also part of the social activity of the local residents. Its later deterioration forced its demolition and the construction of the current one in 1952, with a rectangular form.

This place is a privileged position to observe the spectacular sunset on the bay. Take your camera and catch the moment.

Luis Autié Cantón

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