Coney Island: A Fantasy World

Coney Island Park, La Habana

Fri, Sat & Sun 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Placed in Miramar, at the centric 5th Avenue and embraced by the ocean's breeze, we can find Coney Island park, one of the favourite destinies for families.

At the park you can enjoy of modern installations conceived for the joy of children and teenagers. The colorful flying elephants or the mad chairs welcome the visitors and then you can find other attractions for the riskier ones, such as the roller-coaster, the spaceship, and the crazy cars, among others that guarantee a day full of fun. Also you can enjoy spectacles by clowns and magicians or be part of contests and games just to prove your luck.

The Coney Island is decorated with big format sculptures of representative characters from the Cuban infant world, like Elpidio Valdés, Capitán Plín, Guaso y Carburo, Coti, among others. At the minute you enter the park you will receive vibes of illusion and youth air; those are feelings you will only embrace at Coney Island park.

Amanda Cicard

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