El Noro y Primera Clase: The Hottest Show of Dancing Music

Salón Rojo del Capri, La Habana

All Thursday 06:00 PM - 12:00 AM

After 10 years working as singer songwriter in different popular music bands, el Noro determined to start a soloist career founding his own band Primera Clase. Hence, it emerges his first album, Sin escala whose songs form part of his repertoire. The album has a very Latin color and includes on twelve good tracks, starting with the catchy one Voy a portarme mal (I´m going to misbehave).

Salsa, timba, son, bachata, bolero, and almost all type of Latin music styles have shaped the musical career of Norisleydis (El Noro).

You’ll see him on the stage, contagious, always happy, displaying in every performance both his impressive skills at singing and his particular dancing flavor.

Expect a very entertaining and lively night at Salón Rojo del Hotel Capri, one of the most iconic venues in the modern Havana, situated at the neighborhood of Vedado.

Admission: 5.00 CUC

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