K-51: Fresh Art in Vedado

K-51 Studio, La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Named after Soviet submarines, this studio was inaugurated with association with the Alliance Francais and the Embassy of the United States with three exhibits. Original idea of Javier Alonso and Jorge Luis Aguilar, K 51 converges contemporary art paintings, sculpture and video installations.

In a short time personal the gallery hosted art critics Toni Piñera y Alfredo Sarabia to observe the results.

"The Face of Cuba" a photo exhibition by Claudia Corrales followed by "20 Seconds of Sun" by the young Serlián Barreto, a series of expressionist pieces revealing solitude and violence via the tragic treatment of animals living things and objects.

Graduates of the Superior Academy, San Alejandro Institute of Art provides dissimilar artists, selected by the gallery to give voice to young Cuban artists. Each exposition seems to followed by another even better.

New art arrives with a new unfettered art interpretation.

Calle K between Calzada and 5ta

Building 51

Dayneris Brito.

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K-51 Studio


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