Arte Para Mamá Fair

Pabexpo, La Habana

April 15th- May 6th 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

The Arte para mama Craft Fair, sponsored by the Fondo de Bienes Culturales, is considered amongst the traditional offers Cuban public happily awaits. When it comes to Mother's Day, many people think in giving special gifts, that's why visiting either Pabexpo or Pabellón Cuba is much like a ritual that takes place every year. Once you cross the entrance, you'll find all kind of products of different sizes, different branches, different colors, and different designs. Each thing here has its own mark.

A wide array of products ranging from textiles, ceramics, gold/silver articles, furniture to footwear, Arte en Casa products, paintings and EGREM Records are on sale, featuring the work's best of craftsman from all over the country.

Arte para mamá comes in the perfect time if you're willing, besides buying something nice, getting the opportunity to spent time with your family, specially a weekend.

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