El del Frente: An Excellent Option

El del Frente , La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

After the established success of O’reilly 304, another appealing spot emerges, just crossing the street. El del Frente has become as satisfying as its predecesor, and maybe even more, thanks to the live Cuban music cheering up some evenings.

Just as its neighbor, El del Frente constantly changes and adds innovative offers. Contrary to O'reilly, this restaurant comforts you with a large and sophisticated space in their indoor saloon and a magnificent outdoors terrace, both decorated with vintage style, typical mark of both establishments.

Enjoying one of their Lemonades at this new and marvelous terrace turns every minute of this refreshing experience into a pleasure that you will hardly forget. The bar, standing out by variety, exquisite and uncomon delights induce you to wonder about the compelling art of making cocktails.

There you will find exotic combinations really rare to find in another place of the city, such as the Gin Tonic with pepper or strawberries, or the Daiquiri with natural fruits, excelling by the amazing flavor and texture of guavas and pineapples. Try also delicious snacks accompany by the house’s sauces and dressings, which has a unique and peculiar taste.

El del Frente arrives to please and increase the long list of friends that O’rreilly 304 has. Now, they propose new alternatives: the sophistication of its indoor saloon or the fresh air and natural setting of its terrace.

Price range: 8.00 - 14.00 CUC

A. Cicard

Booking Info:
El del Frente
(+53) 7863 0206

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