Cositass: On Finding Perfect Presents

Tienda Cositass, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

In Miramar, a residential neighborhood in Havana flourishing for its many businesses and entrepreneurial spirit, is Cositass (Little Things) store, just on 3rd Ave. between 28 and 30. An unrivaled place in terms of concept: everything is unique, there is no production in series, which guarantees that what you buy is unrepeatable. Of course there are always similar products, but being made by hand, it is guaranteed that there will never be two equal. Choose between lamps, boxes, decorations, posters, trunks ...

But what gives this store a real personality is its location in an old garage, contributing to the rustic and homelike tone that sets it apart from the coldness of other stores. Brick walls, rough wooden shelves and dim lighting make this place a beautiful space. They sell things for inside the house (or the office, or the studio), and for outside too: flowerpots, lights, carpets.

Visit Cositass and fall in love. This is the ideal place to buy something for our homes, studios, to make a good gift, or to go and take ideas of how to put our little things at home.

By Adriana Marcelo Costa

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