Estudio El Ojo del Ciclón: A Lab for Art

Studio El Ojo del Ciclón, La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Artists and admirers of art get together in the corner of O’Reilly and Villegas to produce a hurricane of feelings. At El ojo del ciclón (The Eye of the Cyclone) there lies the Studio-Workshop of painter, photographer and designer Leo D’Lázaro, son of the well-known Cuban avant-guard sculptor José Delarra.

On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights several cicloneros (‘cyclone people’) arrive at the residence to take advisable tango lessons and chat about art in this socio-cultural project that plans to become a great boulevard, according to Leo D’Lázaro’s words.

A completely habitable house with kitchen, bedroom and dining-room turns out to be not only a lab for art but also a living installation where every single room is riddled with artistic objects from all origins.

On the ground floor, sketches and old photographs of Delarra next to Che in Santa Clara; a hall for exhibitions that displayed the works of Armando Zambrana and Omar Cardosa; and a small bar like an archeological remain that symbolically carries the name of Exca-bar.

Upstairs, the most intimate place in the house: a room by candlelight, in semidarkness, with dreamcatchers, a fan from the last century, family pictures and a reproduction of the piece El misterioso nido del ciclón (The Mysterious Nest of the Cyclone).

Text by: Dayneris Brito

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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