La Cocina de Esteban: Spanish Cuisine

La Cocina de Esteban, La Habana

Daily 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Cuba’s history as the last Spanish colony of the ‘New World’ is a well known one, as is the influence on Cuban architecture, culture, language and most importantly cuisine. A mixture of the African culture along with traditional Spanish cuisine led to Cubans traditional creole cuisine. La Cocina de Esteban provides a taste of both food types of the highest qualities. Whether what you fancy is a traditional Cuban meal or some tapas on the go, La Cocina de Esteban will provide for all your needs.

The kitchen specialised in Spanish delicacies such as Andalusian gazpacho, mignon beef and with a Cuban twist grilled lobster. Simultaneously the home cooked feeling of the restaurants promises an equally high quality of Cuban dishes such as stuffed plantains or Havana style picadillo. The wine menu, much like the food selection is varied and of a high standard. Waiters can be asked to provide recommendations on wine and food couplings.

Each dish and element of the restaurant have carefully and lovingly curated by restaurant owner Esteban. A restaurant not to be missed in Havana, La Cocina de Esteban will take you on a culinary trip through Cuba’s layered history.

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La Cocina de Esteban
(+53) 7832 9649

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