Tattoo Parlour with Neighborhood Feel

La Marca Tattoo Parlor, La Habana

Monday-Saturday 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM

If you want to get a permanent Cuban souvenir but are too shy to marry a Cuban - why not a tattoo? Or just drop in to mix with the Cubans on the gallery level of the three level building which also serves the neighborhood as a meeting place for community initiatives.

The stigma of tattoos is gone. Now you, too, can join in the brother or sisterhood of the tat along with gang members, convicts, bikers, sailors, pirates, Mauris and tribes people of all continents. Tattoos in Cuba are now as common as the cold. Stick on and sprayed on skin art offered at beaches are for the meek. Nothing can match a fresh and bloody tattoo from a master tattoo artist like Leo Canosa.

Leo brings in other Tattoo artists as well, masters in graphic design as Andy Paneque who are not shy to stitch you up to your liking.

The parlour seems tame enough at the gallery level like a bawdy parlour lounge, a publicly presentable area with samples of designs where people hang out discussing perhaps something dark or foreboding or simple organizing a community party. The client or a curious visitor can look at the catalogue, filled with more amazing Cuban art. Once a suitable demonic design has been chosen, the suffering damned is led upstairs for the evisceration.

Surely, something dark inside of you will be stirred as you are strapped into the chair for the ceremony. Your screams will sound like joyful adulations as they are filtered through computer generated reggeatton inviting more budding devilettes from the hot road to hell outside. All of this is performed in hygienic conditions. There is also a third level but no one has yet returned to describe it :)

If you really love Cuban art why not bite the bullet and let the needle do the talking?

Address: Obrapía St. # 108 btw. Mercaderes & Oficios.

Nigel Hunt

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