Café Cantante Mi Habana, La Habana

Thursdays 07:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Karamba is a very popular band on the Cuban stage for its contagious mix of pop-rock with a very Cuban essence. Its particular sonority, enriched also by alternative rhythms, has been very well received in concerts, tours and international festivals in the United States, Latin America and especially in Spain where its musical career began.

In addition to a discography that includes around 5 albums, its most notable successes include performances accompanying musicians of worldwide prestige such as Ruben Blades, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Alain Morisette.

Jorge Luis Robaina, lead singer, brings a very individual label to the band, for his spontaneity and energy on stage as well as for his excellent vocalic qualities. Karamba is used to bringing special guests to his usual concerts at Café Cantante, one of the most frequented places in Havana to enjoy the best live shows.

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