Pedrito Calvo y La Justicia

Casa de la Música de Miramar, La Habana

Tuesdays 11:00 PM - 02:00 AM

During 30 years, Pedrito Calvo was one of the leading voices of the epic Salsa band Los Van Van, together Mayito Rivera and Roberto Hernández (alias Robertón). His unique singing style, consisting on clever word play, expressive rhythmic vocal sounds, peppered with his playful and enthusiastic temper, easily earned him popular sympathy.

Even though he’s no anymore member of Los Van Van, people always thanks him hits as “Marilú” and “El negro está cocinando”. Since Pedrito decided to found in 2002 his own music project, La Justicia, has reinterpreted that songs and tracks composed by himself such as “El fotingo de Caridad”.

Salsa followers but also any kind of people, people looking for dancing and having fun, appreciate each performance of Pedrito Calvo y La Justicia for three reasons. One: he’s so charming that everybody wants to be near and invite him for a drink. Second: despite having abandoned Los Van Van, Pedrito is a “vanvanero” (meaning, a person who bets for Cuba, specially its music with a smile on the face). Third: while Los Van Van are performing abroad, Pedrito is here, turning the corner, flesh and blood, wearing his fancy wide-brimmed white hat and his black moustache (well, the moustache is real, I think so).

Moreover, you won’t have to pay an expensive cover to see him live, neither hire a private detective to be certain where he will perform the upcoming days. Luckily, for us, he still is a reachable singer we happily see and enjoy.

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