Psychedelic Experience with Qva Libre

Café Cantante Mi Habana, La Habana

Wednesdays 05:00 PM - 02:00 AM

Come to see Qva Libre band live! One hour of entertainment accompanied with enthusiastic followers, addicted to both stream music and dancing.

These guys are idolyzed by party-loving people, specially by the youngster of today, who follow them onto their habitual performance venues: Café Cantante and Don Cangrejo.

Over years, the band has been at the top of Cuban musical scene, featuring with Descemer Bueno, Olga Tañón and many others. They have evolved from an alternative sonority to an extravagant look and comercial style mixing rock, funk, hip-hop, and latin american rhythms as cumbia, timba and reggeatton.

Cubans know by heart songs as "2012", "Cuando tú dices que me amas", "Déjame besarte", "La Tremendonga", "Tú eres la razón". Their catchy rythms and upbeating music are ideal to spend a long and lively night.

Admission at Café Cantante: 5 CUC

Admission at Don Cangrejo: 10 CUC

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