Ray Fernández

El Diablo Tun Tun Piano Bar, La Habana

Thursdays 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Every week, Ray Fernández enters the piano-bar “El Diablo Tun-Tún” with his guitar over the shoulder. Shortly after he steps onto the stage, the place is already full. As usual, there are those who don't miss a show performed by Ray for anything in this world. The singer-song writer is acclaimed by his songs, that mix wit, good humor and thinking.

While Ray is singing, he interacts with the audience and improvises verse endings; people follow him: they sing the chorus together, beat the rhythm with their hands and dance from time to time. Within Ray's musical repertory, the favorite tracks never miss: Lucha tu yuca, Matarife, El gerente…

Ray Fernández is part of the nueva trova movement, but he's far away of being a callow youth. He is one of the most influential voices of this gender, an outstanding and original composer, a show-man. According to Ray, trova is like a shout of freedom, which is why he has never dropped out the spontaneity of his style.

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