Tropicana o Las Diosas de Carne

Cabaret Tropicana, La Habana

Daily 10:00 PM - 01:00 AM

Havana’s Marianao district is home to the Tropicana, which is perhaps the most iconic nightclub & celebrated cabaret show in the Caribbean.

It was established in 1939 on the Villa Mina estate of club co-founder Guillermina Pérez. The other founders were the Cuban impresario Victor de Correa & the casino operators Luis Bular & Rafael Mascaró. Together they set in motion what became the West Indies' edgiest & hippest musical show that was the hub of Havana’s bohemian life.

Tropicana won early fame for its sheer massive size, its setting in lush tropical gardens, several modern-style restaurants, & for its Salón Bajo las Estrellas. This open-air theatre "Under The Stars" is where a colourful sequin-&-feather cabaret show occurs every night thanks to Cuba's favourable climate.

But perhaps the Tropicana club's hottest assets are its talented cabaret showgirls, known as "Diosas de Carne" (Flesh Goddesses!!) for their voluptuous & mixed-race sex appeal.

© Eloy Costa & Nigel Hunt

Booking Info:
Idelsis Rivas
+53 7 863 9555

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