A Look at Hemingway's Life

Finca Vigía, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

In 1940, December 28th, Ernest Hemingway bought Finca Vigía, a comfortable and spacious country-house located on a hill, in San Francisco de Paula district, 15 kilometers from Havana’s downtown, where he lived just until months before committing suicide, in USA, in 1961. One year later, the place was opened, granting Mary Welsh’s petition, as a museum, dedicated to preserve and promote both, Hemingway’s literature (considered by many as one of the best) and life, always adventurous and never exempt of controversies.

Among the interesting things “hidden” inside Finca Vigía, you may see, in the living room, his music collection, with more than 900 records; his library, with more than 1000 volumes, and where you’ll “meet” his favourite authors, like Twain or Balzac; his studio, which may be considered as a museum inside a museum, full of souvenirs he collected from all around the world and a buffalo, dissected of course, he hunted during his first safari in Tanzania.

But there’s more. If you really like Hemingway’s literature, the work-room is the one room you absolutely can’t miss. They say he used to work here during mornings, when no sound was allowed. One of his master pieces, The Old Man and the Sea, was born inside these four walls, as well as others maybe not so famous, like The Garden of Eden and A Moveable Feast.

A 12-meter tower, where you can see his fishing and hunting instruments, the bungalow, designed especially for his son, the pool, where he used to swim half a mile after finishing writing, and the Pilar yacht, where he had so many adventures, will also make every second of your visit to this magical place count.

Javier Roque Martínez

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