Municipal Museum of Isla de la Juventud

Municipal Museum of Youth Island, Isla de la Juventud

From Tuesday to Sunday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Museo Municipal building of Isla de la Juventud is of the oldest buildings in the city. After taking several functions since its construction in 1853, and after a necessary process of restoration, the building was finally re-inaugurated as a museum in 2000. Since then, we find in there photographs, documents, maps and objects that make reference to local art, history and traditions.

The museum, created for and with the community, is segmented into seven rooms, which allude different historical periods. Thus, are placed elements allusive to aborigines, the privateers and pirates, the attempted armed uprising against Spain, the confinement of José Martí, the proclamation of the sovereignty of Isla de la Juventud as Cuban territory, the presence of Fidel Castro and other moncadistas in the Presidio Modelo, and the groups of immigrants who settled in the territory.

The museum also has a space for the exhibition of works made by relevant Cuban artists, including René Portocarrero, Mariano Rodríguez, Leopoldo Romañach, Fidelio Ponce de León, Amelia Peláez, Wifredo Lam, Marcelo Pogolotti, Servando Cabrera, Raúl Martínez and Antonia Eiriz .

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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