A Galeón (Galleon) in Nueva Gerona

El Galeón, Isla de la Juventud

Daily 04:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Specializing in the best Cuban cuisine, this restaurant carries the name of a majestic sailing vessel used in the early sixteenth century. Located in the small, unhurried town of Nueva Gerona on Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth), the Galeón offers delicious typical Cuban food as well as having a charming bar.

Designed as a pirate ship, the Galeón provides a varied menu based on fish, pork, chicken and pasta, all cooked on the grill. The dishes are always accompanied by their corresponding side dish of salad, root crops and different kinds of rice. The specialty of the house – “Barbecued Mixed Fish” – has become the most requested dish.

The small bar satisfies the most demanding lovers of Cuban cocktails. There is always some music and some nights are with a live local musical group. Excellent prices, the high quality of the dishes and good treatment guarantee the excellence of this place.

The restaurant, located on a cozy terrace, offers the gift of pure air and an exclusive view of the unique urban landscape. If you’re there at the right time, from your table you can watch the sunset. It is the ideal place to go with friends and spend a pleasant, entertaining and restorative night.

Beatriz Ortega Chirino

4:30pm to 12am
7 days a week
24 Street, No. 4520 between 45 and 47, Nueva Gerona, Isle de la Juventud
Phone 53509128
Average price: CUC 4

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