Museo Provincial Mayor General Vicente García: History of Las Tunas

Museo Provincial de Las Tunas, Las Tunas

Tuesday - Sunday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Right in the center of the town of Las Tunas there stands one of its most important, emblematic and beautiful buildings: Las Tunas Provincial Museum Major General Vicente García González, which collects evidence of the province’s history and heritage.

The museum’s building was Mr. Enrique Rosende’s old house, and during the Independence Wars it became the Volunteers’ barrack and later on the Telegraph headquarters. It functioned as the City Hall or Municipal Palace until 1959; after the triumph of the Revolution it had several social uses, until it was handed over to the Ministry of Culture in 1980 for its restoration. It was inaugurated as Provincial Museum in July, 1984.

This museum is of general character with seven permanent exhibition halls and a temporary one, in all of which History, Natural Sciences and the community culture in general are shown.

Adriana Marcelo.

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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